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The Modern Technocracy

The Modern Technocracy

Welcome to Modern Technocracy™ 

A team of professional athletes, content creators and POV pioneers who have been working diligently to create Modern Technocracy™

Modern Technocracy™ is about making the big picture BIGGER. We are proud to present our first of many innovative products, our patented three axis universal mount assembly. Introducing the world’s first professional grade mounts and accessories for cameras, actions cams, smartphones and more, designed to capture images in ways that have yet to be achieved.

Our unique products were created to allow you to BE THE ACTION™ and share the most epic moments of your life.

MT is a lifestyle brand that came to be through the craftsmanship of a diverse group of athletes and photographers whose real life travels, adventures and pursuit of capturing dramatic content led them to develop the most innovative mounting options ever created and patented. Their innovations are now available to capture the imaginations of anyone also looking for new and more reliable ways of capturing their action…

To get what the images they wanted and to have the products hold up to the intense demands of their raw environments, the team from across the world joined together to help create and develop these MT products with the vision of elevating their work in untold ways and to introduce new overwatch perspectives.

This incredible group of athletes and photographers is now bringing MT’s amazing products to the world in a collective effort to give life to Modern Technocracy™.

With MT, video can be so much easier and more rewarding than ever before… Whether you’re an aspiring action sports athlete, content creator, film maker or a weekend adventurer,  MT has something to help you BE THE ACTION™.



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